Organizations are usually focused on the costs of acquiring talent. They often don’t pay sufficient attention to the costs related to hiring misfits. To be extra sure about hiring the right fit, Zappos makes The Offer to new hires after one month of training. This unique offer allows these trainees to resign and receive an additional month’s salary in return. It does not end here. After graduating from training, the new employees move to their respective departments and the offer is sweetened. This time, employees have the option of receiving two month’s salary to resign within the following three weeks. The main aim of this practice at Zappos is to screen itself of prospective employees who may not stick around and thereby create a workforce exclusively of people who genuinely want to work at the organisation and contribute to its success. While experts have emphasized on the costs of early-turnover for decades, the key issue is not how much turnover occurs, but about who leaves and who stays. Mr Ankur Warikoo, Co-founder & CEO, Nearbuy will be speaking about hiring right at the Great Place to Work® Annual Conference 2018. Less than 100 early bird seats are left, register here.