Most leaders today regard building a great workplace culture as a strategic goal. Organizations can fail at this when they try to be everything for everyone. Successful organizations show that building a great workplace culture begins with hiring right. Ujjivan, a Great Place to Work® Certified organization, goes the extra mile to communicate honestly before hiring an employee. It offers realistic job previews to its potential employees. Before any candidate is hired, he or she spends a day performing the role to be able to understand the role and the organization better. This applies to all levels starting from national leadership level till the feet-on-street staff. According to estimates, tools such as realistic job previews screen out between 15% and 35% of applicants. Research suggests that this can translate into significant monetary savings, specifically for large organizations that experience high new hire turnover. How can organizations build an employer brand to hire right? Mr. Anshumaan Kumar, Director – Communications, Intuit India will be speaking about Building Employer Brand at Great Place to Work® Annual Conference 2018. Click here to register.