DeepMind, the Google sibling focusing on artificial intelligence, has announced the launch of an “ethics and society” unit to study the impact of new technologies on society. How does Google nurture a culture where its people are always learning? Their Googler-to-Googler program makes this possible by offering Googlers the chance to share their passions and expertise with other Googlers. More than 70% of all Googlers have attended a training led by a fellow Googler. These classes include Introduction to Laser Cutting, Baby Sign Language, Wilderness Skills, and pretty much anything else one can think of. The organization has put multiple programs in place to develop the skills of G2G facilitators. One of the most popular courses – The Creative Skills for Innovation brings together a diverse group of Googlers in one room to tackle challenging questions like: ‘How would you change the experience of commuting to work?’ One such lab generates around 15 insights from user research, 400 ideas, and 10 prototypes.

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